The Works of Matsuhisa Sohrin


In Matsuhisa Sourin Buddhist Studio,
we accept making various kind of buddha images
not only offers from temples but also personal ones.

You can consult us anything for example making big buddha statue enshrined at hall of temple or small buddha statue one can keep around them for worship.
Heart of worship doesn’t relate to the size of the statues. So please feel free to ask us anything.


Please tell us your request.

We will discuss deeply listening to customers or worshippers. According to the discussion we will offer you the plan reflecting your opinion or request as much as we can based on our abundant experience and achievement.

For example…

  • How’s your image of the buddha statues?
  • ’s the size of the buddha status should be?
  • When to finish the production?
  • Where to enshrine the buddha statue?
  • How tall the height of the eyes of the buddha statue should be?
  • How’s finishing should be?

You can visit this studio.

It will help customers and worshippers come up to their images and requests by watching the actual place where buddha statues are produced.

For example…

  • The surroundings of buddha statue making.
  • How buddhist sculptors face to making buddha statue.
  • The tools and materials we use.
  • Buddha statues for display(as gallery).

Just finishing is not a goal for buddha statues.

We make best effort for the “time with buddha statues” after it is delivered to our client.
With the same attitude, We work on making kirikane, buddha painting and buddha statues repairing.

Process of buddha
statue making

From inquiry to contract(drawing plan).
Inquiry and meeting.
We discuss deeply for better suggestion.
Making rough image drawing and quotation.
Discussion about finishing.
You can choose the finishing method. (Without coloring/With kirikane and coloring/With leafs on lacquering/combined method)
Contract and drawing plan
After determining what to make, we arrange contact and draw the plan.
From production to delivery
Selecting wood and cutting.
Ceremony of chiseling(if needed)
Actual work
Making pedestal and halo at the same time (You can visit and watch the work at studio)
Discuss about what to do after finishing
(Buddhist service for injecting soul into the statue or how to install the statue at delivery place)

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・Checking the buddha statue
Firstly we check by photograph, so please send it by (e-)mail.
・According to the photograph, we consider how to repair at our studio
It’s possible to check by watching actual buddha statues, so you can bring it to us or we can visit you.
・Discussing about finishing way
◎Finishing by maintaining present status.
 ◎Finishing by making something new.
・Discussing about cost.
Process of repairing
Please arrange the buddhist service for have the soul gone out from the buddha statue.
Pick up(we visit you).
Working on repairing according to the plan we discussed in advance.

Choosing the way of process

Choosing the way of finishing

◎if you want to maintain present status
  • Cleaning the surface
  • Repairing damage and coloring
  • Repairing joints
◎If you want to make something new
  • Cleaning and removing the parts which have been repaired before
  • After drying, put the parts together as what it was
  • If there’s any damage, repair it
  • Repairing the coloring and foil as what it was

*We will make the record of repair process
*Check if there’s something or not within the buddha statue

After finishing, delivery
before restoration
after restoration(as new one)

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Kirikane, introduced from the continent together
with buddha statues

Coloring is the final stage of making buddha image or buddha painting, and Kirikane is the supreme skill at the finishing stage. The fusion of these 2 traditional skills decorate buddha beautifully and express “Kirikanesai”:the world of the most beautiful decoration.
Now, beyond the buddhism art, Kirikane itself become one of the field of craft. By using motif of modern sense which doesn’t use classical pattern, we make craft works just as container of incense or rosary.


Shōsōin Kirigane

Shousouin-kirikane is distinct from other style of kirikane, in regard to the point that it uses not only kirikane but also coloring and complex of them.
Matsuhisa Maya is representative of Shousouin-Kirikane and become the first craftswoman of Kirikane. She established the style of kirikanesai, so in this studio she is called not kirikane craftswoman but kirikanesai craftswoman.
She is creating potential of kirikane, and making many trials which don’t just follow the way of classical skills or patterns. For example she came up with the idea to use the modern way to bond leafs, to use platinum leafs to give variety to kirikane, and to make arranged pattern based on classical ones.

Matsuhisa Maya

From Kyoto

She was born as Matsuhisa Sohrin’s eldest daughter. After she graduated Heian Jogakuin, she learned designs around various field(mainly commercial designs). After that she started to work Kyoto Buddha Statue Sculpture Institute. And started to become kirigane craftsman. She worked for kirigane and coloring of all her father Sohrin’s works and invented the skills with the trends of times, and established the style of Shousouin-kirigane.

Her works:
Iwaya-avalokiteśvara statue and Siten’nō(Four Heavenly Kings) statues at Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto (4.85m height) Amitābha tathāgata statue at Shiten’nō-ji, Osaka Godai-Myō-ō(Five Great Wisdom Kings) statues and Tathāgata statues of five wisdoms at Narita-san Shinshō-ji, Chiba etc



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