About Matsuhisa Sohrin

Inheriting Matsuhisa Hourin and Sourin’s will,
we are making various kinds of buddha statues.

In Showa 37(1962), Matsuhisa Hourin and Sourin established “Kyoto Buddha Statue Sculpture Institute”, with the purpose for training successor for each field of buddha sculpture, painting and kirikane and making various kinds of buddha images as effect of group working.

The buddha images made in this studio have been enshrined at temples all over Japan and being worshiped. And over 100 pupils are working in their own way as buddhist sculptor, painter and kirikane craftsman, taking advantage of the training experienced here.

In Heisei 4(1992), after Sourin passed away, we changed the name to “Matsuhisa Sourin Buddhist Studio” and inherit the will of Hourin and Sourin, by Kayu Matsuhisa(Sourin’s second daughter, buddhist sculptor and painter) as director and dozen pupils including Maya Matsuhisa(Sourin’s eldest daughter, kirikane master).



Engraving our respect in every shapes

In Matsuhisa Sourin Buddhist Studio, experienced buddhist sculptors, coloring kirikane craftsman and buddhist painters are engaged in “making buddha” with abundant experience and data.
We make the most of each one’s skills. For statues, we arrange making and repairing buddha statues or portrait statues. And we make other things, just like portrait painting, buddha painting and craft work decorated by kirikane.

Just like buddha statues made in the Tempyou era remain until today, we always think that present buddha images will remain in future as well, so we make buddha with the best skills.

With the idea above, we, Matsushita Sohrin Buddhist Studio, make buddha statues or
images according to your request.
We will discuss with our clients in detail until they feel satisfied, and make incredible buddha statues or portrait images. Please feel free to contact to us first.

About Us

Company Name
Matsuhisa Sohrin Buddhist Studio
Matsuhisa Kayu
318 Ebiya-Cho Sanjo-Sagaru Gokomachi-dori Chukyo-ku Kyoto city 6048076

About Matsushita Buddha Sculpture Hall

Classes of buddha statues, buddhist paintings and Kirikane
Matsuhisa Sohrin Buddhist Studio
 Sculpture Studio
Matsuhisa Sohrin Buddhist Studio
Studio of buddhist painting, coloring and kirigane
head office of the Religion Art Acedemy
Exhibition of buddha statues / selling books and materials

※You can enter freely into 1st floor.
Please take care not to taking pictures or entering above 2nd floor.

by train, subway or bus
  • 15minutes taxi from Kyoto station
  • 10minutes walk from Sanjoukeihan Station
  • 10 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
  • 5 minutes walk from subway Tozai line Kyoto Shiyakushomae Station
  • 5 minutes walk from Kyoto city bus Sanjo Kawaramachi stop
  • 5 minutes walk from Kyoto city bus Shiyakusho stop
by car
  • about 30 minutes drive from Kyoto Minami IC
  • about 30 minutes drive from Kyoto Higashi IC